I remember orientation like it was yesterday, I left with a throbbing headache and a good chance I might actually throw up. Can you relate? 

We were given all the basic information: Use your calendar and don’t procrastinate. Write things down or you will forget them. Get to clinical early and don’t ever be late (EVER!).

All stellar advice for just life in general, but that was all pretty intuitive.

If you’re like me, you’ve spent countless hours trying to find information about how to study in nursing school (or countless hours stressing about it!). So here are three major study tips I wish I had known before starting nursing school.

1. Know how you learn best.

Do you get more out of learning from someone teaching you than you do from a textbook? A tutor might be a good fit for you. Do you need peace and quiet while studying? Try to reserve a room in the library to study.

The time you spend trying to study someone else’s way, ultimately will end up costing you more time in the long run. It’s doing double the work for the same result, but with the added stress of then having less time to study the right way for YOU.

2. Pick out the most important material and study that first.

There is an infinite amount of information out there, and you will spend your whole career learning a lot of it. So give yourself grace and don’t expect to learn every single thing before next weeks exam. 

Focus on what the professors name as most important. Trust them, they know what they are talking about. Reference your learning objectives and the main points of the lectures.

You will graduate knowing a little about a lot of things, and the critical thinking skills to fill in the gaps.

3. Plan your study time based on the grade percentage weight of the assignment. 

Don’t spend the same amount of time on something worth 1% of your grade as something that’s worth 10%. Look at your syllabus and budget your time based on not only points awarded but what percent of your grade it amounts to.

This weeks assignment could be a whopping 100 points but only be worth 2% of your grade, while next weeks exam might only be 25 points but is worth 15%.

Be strategic and you will absolutely own those assignments! 

Which one worked best for you? What is another study strategy that you have found helpful?